Student scholarship from specialrigging.com

The student scholarship of the specialrigging.com GmbH helps students with their bachelor thesis, master thesis and dissertation!

specialrigging.com GmbH awards 36 annual scholarships to students and doctoral candidates for the supervision of their theses, such as bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis and dissertation.

Our student scholarship is also sponsored by dedicated companies. The idea behind this scholarship is the professional writing services fact that despite the low student rates for our high-quality academic services, there are still students who can not afford them. Often, students work alongside their studies in order to be able to finance them. However, in the final phase of their studies, in which the final thesis has to be written, the time for a student job is often no longer available. Here we would like to relieve students and promote them with our student scholarship.

What is a student scholarship?

Supported students receive a free all-round carefree package with our student scholarship, which consists of the scientific editing, a professional formatting and a plagiarism check.

Who can apply for the student scholarship?

Each student can apply for a student scholarship. The important thing is that you are already in the last part of the implementation phase of your thesis. We do not differentiate according to origin, discipline, age or gender. Any student in need of a scholarship is welcome.

How are the scholarship holders selected?

Twice a month, a committee meets to award a student scholarship. This board is made up of specialrigging.com staff who are in direct contact with students and PhD students every day, not just studying the theses, but also listening to students’ needs. From the application documents received (using the online application form only), the panel will try to select the candidates for our student scholarship who are particularly eligible. In the case of large crowds, it may be necessary to decide by lottery on the award of the available scholarships. All applicants are finally informed about the result. However, we do not communicate the reasons that led to an acceptance or rejection. Of course there is no legal claim to a feedback or a promise or a rejection for our student scholarship. We try to run the scholarship program for students as efficiently as possible in order to take into account as many applicants as possible in the selection process.

What exactly does the student scholarship contain?

The specialrigging.com Scholarship includes our all-round worry-free package for theses:

  • Proofreading of a bachelor thesis, master thesis or dissertation
  • Formatting of a master thesis, bachelor thesis or dissertation according to the requirements of the university or according to our quasi standards

plagiarism check

Feedback from the supervising lecturer on possible abnormalities (logic, coherence, consistency, structure)

The all-inclusive package complies with our recommendation, so that a thesis can be submitted in a linguistically, formally and structurally optimized way. As a scholarship holder you would receive this package for free.

You are a company and would like to become a sponsor of company scholarships?

Benefit as a sponsor of scholarships. In addition to our own fellowships, we also offer companies the opportunity to participate in the advancement of students who are in the last and financially often tense phase of their undergraduate degree program. Your expenses for sponsored scholarships are completely deductible (will be charged as a project commission).

Your company will be perceived as a responsible and socially committed sponsor, providing financial support to students during this difficult period, thus ensuring graduation. The “Fellows” section lists all sponsored students and mentions your company as a sponsor by name and logo – of course to every single sponsored student. Additionally your company will be listed under “Sponsors” with name, logo and an accompanying text (eg company profile, corporate philosophy). You can also link to sections of your company’s website, such as: “Vacancies” (HR, trainee programs, etc.).

Apply for a specialrigging.com Student Scholarship for free now!

Please use the following application form. We will quickly give you feedback that your application for our student scholarship has been received. Should you be selected as a scholarship holder, we would contact you to discuss the further planning for the implementation of our then free all-inclusive package. Good luck with your application for our student scholarship!